Established in March 2015, Van Haulin, has become the leading art transportation business in the East Midlands with 5 + years’ experience. Based in Nottingham, Van Haulin, provides international art delivery logistics for national galleries and museums, artist led spaces and individual artists.

Alexander Wallis, trained as an artist at Loughborough University before exploring his art practice at multiple artist led galleries in the East Midlands. Using the experience of working in galleries as a technician and developing his own art practice, Alex, has the sensibilities needed to care for artworks and to respond to artists' and galleries often unusual needs and requirements. 

In 2015, whilst working as a technician and already owning a van, Alex came up with the idea to start an art transport company that provided a service with both the care needed for moving artwork whilst offering a competitive price point. Starting out with a pocket notebook, some business cards and posters, Alex thought that there was a business in the making after acquiring jobs very quickly. Enjoying the work, Van Haulin' was born. Not one to look back, Alex has been steadily moving Van Haulin forwards, with each delivery. 

"Reliable, local and easy going  - Alex is the driver I trust with my work"

Yelena Popova

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